Turbine Components

Long lasting high quality

We produce and process engineready gas turbine components through manufacturing techniques previously only available for aircraft engine maintenance.

Thanks to over 30 years of experience in high temperature aviation heritage, we provide long lasting high quality components, including strong support in your research and development process.

Durability, function and interaction have always been the cornerstones of the aircraft anine industry. Today, we apply these stands to our in-house core processes of thermal spraying, vacuum brazing and machining. Being able to offer these key competences under one roof gives complete conformity, reducing lead times.

Oure streamlined manufacturing shop handle components up to 3 tons and with a maximum diameter of 2.3 m. Together with full-scale measurement it gives an excellent market position in our segment. Our combination of flexibility and a welldeveloped network of subcontractors means we can offer cost-effective components with attractive lead times – even at single piece or small batch production.

Thanks to our long experience in repair and remanufacturing of turbine components, both in the hot and cold sectionsof the turbine, together with our own in-house laboratory facilities for materials analysis served by qualified materials engineers, Recotech offers customers cooperation from an early stage to develop new processes, product properties and repair methods.