Parts Repair

Improving Existing Components​

We repair comonents, primarily for the power generation, manufacturing, processing and rail traffic industies. Our staff are specialists in repair techniques, maintenance methods and diagnostics.

We can improve existing components by selecting the right materials and repair methods, as well as carrying out complete repairs.

Within a wide range of industrial operations, many objects exposed to wear can be successfully repaired and improved. We can help you with common problems such as the reconditioning of worn areas, and protection against both corrosion and wear. Over the years we have developed methods and equipment to increase the serviceable life and limit troubles and costs, for instance thermal spray and heat treatment.

By using the thermal spray method, we can build new material onto worn parts with industrial robots, in some cases making them far better than the original specification, to prolong the life of parts.

Machining of thermal sprayed coatings demands extraordinary skills and cannot be compared with producing a new detailfrom “scratch”.

Heat treatment is frequently-used method for repairs. In our furnace store, such as hardening, annealing, vacuum brazing and vacuum cleaning.

Our other services include qualified welding, machining, measuring and calibration.