Aerospace Services

Extensive in-house repair capabilities

Recotech AB cooperates with an approved EASA Part-145 workshop to perform certified flight repairs using our extensive experience in thermal spraying, vacuum brazing, welding and CNC machining.

We have full capacity to carry out repair and maintenance work on flying components and on-wing repair.

Our experience in the aero engine services dates back to the 1940s. Today, we occupy a unique position through our extensive in-house repair capabilities for aircraft and helicopter components, accessories and engines. We also preform heat treatment and maintain sheet metal work equipment in our facilities.

As a member of the Recotech Group, we can offer extensive repair capabilities. Our certified welders preorm repairs in stainless steel, aluminium, nickel and titanium alloys.

Our ever-increasing welding repair capability list includes ejectors, mixing ducts, thrust reversers and exhaust ducts for a variety of aircrafts such as MD80, Fokker 50, Cessna, Jetstream, Saab 340 and the Bell 206. By continuously increasing the portion of used serviceable OHC material, we keep shop visit costs and turnaround times low. Also, will beat any serious competitor’s offer. Being an independent shop, we have a unique relation with the OEMs.

In our facilities you will find state of the art test capabilities for engines and accessories. We are able to verify that all products meet specified quality and manual preformance limits. Our experienced technicians and mechanics will ensure that your unit will stay “on wing”!