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Just as in humans, the different parts of a machine have properties that mean that the degree to which they are able to effectively work together differs. At Recotech we are involved in the production and processing of these properties in order to provide our components with the longest possible service life.

Recotech produces, processes and repairs components, primarily for gas and steam turbines, but also for the power, processing and rail traffic industries. Our company has grown out of the aero engine industry in which durability, function and interaction are the cornerstones.

Our staff are specialists in manufacturing and repair techniques, maintenance methods and diagnostics. Our main processes range from thermal spraying and vacuum brazing to qualified welding, machine-finishing and heat treatment.

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Case Studies

Businessman cutting red ribbon with pair of scissors

Recotech celebrates ever ongoing expansion

It was a celebration day for Recotech with inauguration of the new company premises. Prominent guest and personnel were attending the reception. With a growth