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Recotech AB

Recotech AB is a former wholly-owned subsidiary within the Fortum group and was formed out of the restructuring of Volvo Aero Support when it transferred its production to Trollhättan.

The Recotech business concept is to make repair and manufacturing techniques that were previously only available for the maintenance of aero engines usable and profitable for a greater number of types of industrial operations.  With the help of Recotech you can carry out repairs without having to pay for expensive spare parts or be dependent on the machinery suppliers’ aftermarket.

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Turbine Components

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Wing Lift

Container lifting and
transport system

The Wing Lift™ is a patented, cost-effective Container Carrier handling concept for lifting and moving containers short distances.

It offers extreme manoeuvrability in any directions when moving heavy containers without the aid of cranes or trucks.

The Wing Lift™ is a patented Container Carrier handling concept and an OEM registrated trade mark of the Recotech Group, Arboga Sweden. The OEM-version is manufactured by GSE Ground Support Equipment AB which is an ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Recotech company.