Recotech AB har via förvärvat verksamheten i GSE Partners AB samt dotterbolaget ES Partners AB. Alla tre bolag har ett gemensamt förflutet från flygindustrin och finns inom Arboga Teknikpark.

Tidigare ägaren och entreprenören Christer Haglind och hans son och VD Andreas Haglind lämnar nu över ansvaret från och med 1 september till nya ägaren Bo Martin Tell och platschef Lorin Mayer Nordström som fortsätter att driva verksamheterna vidare.

Verksamheterna kompletterar varandra väl och därigenom skapas nya möjligheter för de tre bolagen.

-Tillsammans kommer företagen ge kunderna ett bredare erbjudande, säger Bo Martin Tell, ägare till företaget.

Christer Haglind passar samtidigt på att tacka affärsbekanta för goda år av samarbete och ska nu ägna sig åt fritidsaktiviteter på heltid.

rec_inv3It was a celebration day for Recotech with inauguration of the new company premises. Prominent guest and personnel were attending the reception. With a growth of 30 percent per year, the company has hired new staff and had outgrown the old premises by far. MD and owner Bo Martin Tell (left in the picture) tells: “The new premises give us the best possible basis for further growth. The new buildings include 700 m2 production facilities and 300 m2 office space including Materials laboratory and gym for the personnel.” He continues: “The company would like to thank all guest who attended the reception and made this day a celebration.”

rec_vartan3At Värtan in Stockholm, a coal fired power plant, applying the Pressurised Fluid Bed Combustion (PFBC) process has been in operation since 1989, with availability above 90% in recent years. The plant is The world’s first PFBC plant and owned jointly by Fortum OY and the City of Stockholm. This summer there will be an overhaul of the plant and Recotech is chossen to perform complete repairs for many of their components.

rec_summer3The summer has started! Reason enough to go out and take a break. Summertime is high season for barbecues in the garden and visiting with friends and family. Recotech are open all summer with a limited production from 19 July to 6 August, so there is always staff on hand to help you throughout the summer. We wish you relaxing summer holidays!

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